cactusmania - PR style pack

#cactusmania collection – Promotional campaign.

Deadline for application: 03/10/2019 (10th March).

Promotional campaign #cactusmania social media collaboration

This bracelet set is exclusively created for the content creator of this promotional campaign

CactusMania - braccialetti PR

CactusMania – PR style pack bracelets are not available for purchase on the online shop.

The only way to receive them – for FREE – is to be selected for the promotional campaign #cactusmania.

Requirements to apply for the promotional campaign

You can apply as an influencer for collaboration if you have an Instagram profile.

Among all the applications we will select the profiles of our interest to send the special PR style pack bracelets, shown in the above picture, as a gift.

Our choices will be based on the quality of the content usually published on their own channels, on the ability to communicate and interact with their followers and on the proposal you provide in the appropriate field of the form below (Your application).

Your promotional activity will consist of publishing content (photos and texts) created by you, on your Instagram channel.

Promotional content to be supplied

Your collaboration proposal – to be reported in Your application – should include the following minimum content; you can add additional ideas based on your creativity and availability:

  • N ° 2 Instagram stories showing bracelets (respectively worn or not) in pictures or video,  with tags to our profile @mysummestorylab
  • A post with still life photo of the bracelets
  • A post showing a photo (or video) of the worn bracelets


Instagram posts will need to have relevant captions, tag to our profile and include the following hashtags: #handmadebracelets #cactusmania #mysummerstoryvibe #braccialettifattiamano #styleaccessories #spring2019accessories #styleinspiration
The publication dates (of stories and posts) must be agreed with us, based on your availability.


The deadlines for applying for this campaign have expired.

Thank you!